Course Detail

RD012 - Stress Reduction 2: Using the Mind-Body Connection

Audience: All researchers (including staff and PhD students)

The last of four workshops designed to help researchers build psychological robustness. In this workshop we will explore some of the latest ideas from wellbeing specialists about how to manage stress by improving your mind-body connection. We will discuss whether you can change your body’s response to stress by changing your mind about how stress can affect you and discuss what researchers are discovering about the impact on your psychological wellbeing of how you care for yourself physically. We will also explore the concept of flow (i.e. the state of being fully engaged in an activity) and see how we can improve our ability to incorporate it in our daily lives. Participants will leave the workshop with some really practical ideas about how to reduce the negative effects of the stresses we all face in life.

(Please note this workshop was previously entitled: Making Stress Your Friend.)

Keywords: stress management, responses to stress, well-being


Provided by: Researcher Development


Date: Thursday 28 February 2019

Venue: Graduate Centre 1.01, Graduate Centre, Mile End

Time: 10:00 - 13:00


  • Dr C Dunmore