Course Detail

PD222 - iGrasp user training

This training is targeted at those members of staff in departments using iGrasp for recruitment activity.

The training will cover areas including:

1. Introduction to iGrasp
2. Taking candidates through the application journey and the impact this is has on recruitment data/metrics such as Athena Swan and time to hire
3. General system navigation
4. Setting up the position page
5. Accessing applications
6. Generating a shortlisting grid
7. Using the notes facility
8. Inviting candidates to interview (choose and book and academic interviews)
9. Rejecting candidates after shortlisting
10. Panel packs
11. Generating an offer of employment
12. Rejecting candidates after interview

This will be a practical session, using the test version of iGrasp, with updated user manuals.

Teachers: Claire Foster, Natasha Laurent and Hannah Somers


Provided by: Human Resources


Date: Thursday 13 June 2019

Venue: RBC 1.09, IT Lab, WS, Robin Brook Centre, West Smithfield

Time: 11:00 - 13:30


  • Ms C Foster