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RS413 - Research Funding for Humanities and Social Science Researchers

As an academic researcher, finding financial support for your work is one of the key skills you need to develop. When submitting a grant or fellowship, your Case for Support is one of the most important parts of that application. In it you detail the case for your research idea; outlining its impact, your methodology, and its originality, often in a brief and concise manner.

In this session, we will cover how to structure your case for support, as well as how to address sections in your funding applications related to research impact and your career development plan.

We will also discuss the basics of how to cost your research, and who to seek support from on the financial matters pertaining to your application.

Finally, we will discuss some of the common pitfalls encountered by academics when applying for research funds.


By the end of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Know the essential components of a successful case for funding support.
  • Have had an opportunity to consider the scope, impact and originality of your proposed research.
  • Understand the basics of research costings and the financial aspects of your application
  • How to effectively communicate a career development plan in your applications.
  • Know how to identify and avoid common pit-falls in preparing your case for support, and the general application process (excluding any financial aspects).

Provided by: QMUL


Date: Wednesday 13 February 2019

Venue: Scape 0.15, ME, Scape, Mile End

Time: 13:00 - 16:00


  • Dr R Martins