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DC904 - Indoor People Tracking and Activities of Daily Living Recognition Using Smartphones.

With more than 80% of time people spend indoors, indoor people tracking techniques using widespread smart devices (e.g. smartphones and wearable devices) having continuously grasped people’s attention in the domain of internet of things (IOT) and ubiquitous computing, can play a major role in many situations: smart retail, disaster rescue, smart healthcare, facility management and utilization and activities recognition and analytics, etc.

However, there are potentially, hidden challenges here, for indoor people tracking. Two main challenges are first, how to use multi, built-in sensors (e.g. IMU sensors, WiFi and magnetometer) in those smart devices (e.g. smartphones and wearables) to achieve reliable and accurate location determination. Second, the process of activities recognition and analytics, including raw data collection performed by multi participants in weeks or months period, labelling training data, activities classification using machine learning or deep learning algorithms and profiling mobility employing data mining techniques, is much time-consuming and challenged.

The aim of this event is to invite an interactive audience of participants with predominately either a computer technology (IoT), Geography Information System (GIS) or physical healthcare background to interact & exchange ideas.  It will display our work using smartphones to track people indoors and recognize multi participants’ activities, as a use-case to extend audience’s knowledge and arouse inspiration for further research. It will be organised into 4 parts:

Work display: we will present the detailed process of this work. It will include building an android application, employing some participants to collect raw data, training data labelling and data analysis using machine learning algorithms.
Interact & exchange ideas: We will invite some interested researchers to comment on this work and explore more ideas for further work. At the same time, we are happy to hear the voice from audience depending on their experience.
To report a summary of experiences at the meeting
To network & share experiences over a buffet lunch & to foster new community relationships for the future.Workshop on Indoor People Tracking and Activities of Daily Living Recognition Using Smartphones.


Provided by: Doctoral College


Date: Tuesday 19 February 2019

Venue: Graduate Centre 2.01, Graduate Centre, Mile End

Time: 14:30 - 16:30


  • Ms G Fest