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Course Detail

HS020 - Working Safely with Biological Hazards

This course will provide an introduction to the basic principles of bio-containment and procedures for working safely with biological hazards in the laboratory or clinical setting (e.g. human or animal pathogens, clinical samples or materials, animal / insect samples or materials). Topics covered include bio-containment equipment and procedures, handling of biological/clinical waste, disinfection & decontamination, personal protective equipment, transport, storage and the principles of risk assessment (using QMUL Bio-COSHH template). Relevant legislative requirements in the context of the safe management of biological hazards will be covered. This course covers work generally conducted at Containment Level 1 & 2 laboratories (or equivalent). Arrangements for biological safety applicable to QMUL will also be identified.


Identify the hazards arising from working with biological / clinical samples / pathogens and possible routes for infection / exposure

Understand the principles of bio-containment in the laboratory or clinical area

Know the measures required to contain biohazards from start of work through to waste disposal and storage

Be aware of relevant H&S legislation underpinning biological hazard work

Be able to conduct a risk assessment of their work

Certification: An online completion certificate will be generated upon satisfactory completion (pass mark 80% or greater) of the online knowledge quiz on QMPlus by the attendee. The access details for the online knowledge quiz will be provided by the course tutor at the classroom.


By the end of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Know the hazards of biological & GM agents and routes of infection
  • Understand the principles of bio-containment
  • Know the measures required to contain biohazards and GM agents from start of work through to waste disposal and storage
  • Be aware of relevant legislation underpinning bio-safety & GM work
  • Be able to conduct a risk assessment of their work

Provided by: Health and Safety


Date: Tuesday 26 May 2020

Venue: Garrod Building 2.48, W, Garrod Building, Whitechapel

Time: 10:00 - 13:00


  • Dr M Ariyanayagam
Suitability: For laboratory research, technical, clinical and teaching staff working with clinical and biological material (tissue, blood, bodily fluids and cells), human or animal / plant / insect pathogens. Particularly useful for those starting full time laboratory work (e.g. new PhD and post-doctoral staff).

Requalification / Refresher: Attend and complete the refresher course once every 3 years. (HS030 Bio Hazards and GM Agents Refresher).

Bookings: This course is bookable via the CPD booking system. Please check non-attendance policy and possible penalties for non-attendance at http://www.hsd.qmul.ac.uk/training/

Please note there is a separate course covering genetically modified organisms (Genetically Modified (GM) Agents Risk Assessment and Notification course, HS029), and a separate course covering higher risk pathogen work (Containment Level 3 Principles and Practices, HS019).