Due to the cessation of face-to-face teaching on QMUL campuses, some changes have been made to the current provision. Check the Venue column for information. Sessions will either proceed online at their scheduled times or will be POSTPONED with further notice. Please check your email as you will likely have received notice, or contact your tutor for more information | Introduction of new booking system

Course Detail

PD231 - Sexual Violence Support Awareness training

This training is offered by HR to staff only and will be delivered by external caseworkers with experience of supporting victims of violent crime and rape. Student bookings will not be accepted and we may verify your staff status to confirm your booking. Groups will be a maximum size of 15, please use PD231 as the code to search for other dates if necessary. There will be 4 opportunities to train in January and February 2020.

This session aims to enhance the understanding and signposting network of those working with victims of crime, specifically sexual violence.

The session runs in three sections; the first outlines the way in which sexual violence impacts the survivor in a practical and emotional sense. The second looks at the way in which as professionals, we support survivors of sexual violence in a sensitive and well-informed manner. The final aspect of the session would be to look at the role of Victim Support in supporting victims of crime in general and how we as an organisation support them and engage with them. In this section we will discuss signposting and other agencies which specifically work with sexual violence survivors to ensure we are providing an effective support network.

Please note that contact details from your booking will be passed to QMUL's Project Manager for Tackling Sexual Violence, Harassment and Hate Crime, who will contact you with a feedback request for participants as part of the evaluation of staff engagement with work in this area.


Provided by: Human Resources


Date: Wednesday 26 February 2020

Venue: Queens W206 (ME), Queen's Building, Mile End

Time: 11:30 - 13:00


  • Ms J Holden-Wilby
  • Ms J Abdal