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PD242 - Wellbeing Series: Unexpected Positives of Lockdown

What have been the unexpected positive of lock down – more time with family, new cooking skills, daily walks, use of MS Teams, clarifying what is important to us? How do we keep these and not <<snap back>> to our old ways of working?

Why is it that some of us have reported improvements in general wellbeing during lockdown, and greater connection to our teams? How is it that we are feeling a different kind of pressure? And how has that 'fear of missing out' feeling lost some of its power?

Join us for the Wellbeing Webinar Series: Week 8, where we discuss the ups of life under lockdown. During this webinar we will be joined by Sheila Gupta, VP for People, Culture and Inclusion to discuss the unexpected benefits of lockdown.

Session aims:
- Discuss how reports show improvements in general wellbeing
- Raise awareness around the unexpected benefits of lockdown
- Realise how to find meaning right now and refocus our goals
- Share stories of small life changes that have had a huge impact
- Consider strategies to keep the benefits post lockdown

The day before the webinar you will receive a calendar invite with a link to the MS Teams meeting that will allow you to access the webinar. Please accept the invitation to confirm registration.


Provided by: Human Resources


Date: Wednesday 10 June 2020

Venue: Online - MSTeams, Microsoft Teams Meeting, Web/Online

Time: 14:00 - 15:00


  • Ms P Dodd
  • Ms L Smith (ProfDev)