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PD247 (Online workshop) - Managing Remotely - Harnessing Capability (Follow-up #C)

** Pre-requisite: you will need to have attended the PD244 Managing Remotely Foundations workshop **

NB: The 5 follow-up sessions can be attended out of sequence.

Focus: Applying a practical cycle of commitment to empower individuals to deliver outcomes.

Commitment cycle and how to apply it (agreeing expectations; balancing support and challenge through delivery and getting assurance without micromanaging; reviewing and evaluating outputs; giving feedback for growth).

This Managing Remotely follow-up workshop is part of a series of co-designed workshops from 4OC to assist with remote management development. Our facilitators, Daniel Snowden and Hilary Duggan, will be leading these workshops and provide tools to:

- Help managers achieve team cohesion and work inclusively (#A, course code PD245)
- Manage communications across and outside of their teams (#B, course code PD246)
- Harness the skills and capability of their team members (#C, course code PD247)
- Identify and maintain connection to key stakeholders (#D, course code PD248)
- Work with their teams to identify and address risks and barriers to continued service delivery (#E, course code PD249)

Please note:

You will need to have attended the PD244 Managing Remotely Foundations workshop prior to attending follow-up workshops.

There is no particular order for attending the follow-up workshops.

You will receive a calendar invitation in the day/s before the session with a meeting link to join the virtual session at the indicated start-time.

This workshop is for staff only, and we cannot accept bookings from students at any level. We may verify your staff role to confirm your place.

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Provided by: Human Resources


Date: Wednesday 14 October 2020

Venue: Online - MSTeams, Microsoft Teams Meeting, Web/Online

Time: 12:30 - 13:30


  • Mr D Snowden (4OC)
  • Ms H Duggan (4OC)